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March 3, 2014 E-Mail from Sister Richardson ")

Hey Everyone!! 

Here are a number of letters from Kayla!!!  I've been the slacker for the "February" news!  Sorry!  I find that if I can't do it with my phone, it takes me a bit longer to get onto the "real" computer and get everything updated!   It sounds like she is doing really well!  Other than the headaches and not being able to wear anything, because she is working so hard her clothes are wearing out!!!  lol!!  She did mention to me to let everyone know that if you are going to send a gift card, to make sure that it isn't a Walmart card.  They are not allowed to shop there any more, because it is out of their zone.  So a visa card would be better!

Thanks so much for all of the support that you give our girl!!!  We love you all!! 

Happy Reading!!!  

Hey Everyone!!
This week has been a doosy!!! Monday night I had a HUGE migraine hit me! I was pretty much bed-ridden for the entire week!! Some days it was so bad that I was nauseous!... But those who know me pretty well, know that I just don't throw up... So I would be sitting in bed with a huge migraine praying that I could just throw up and it wouldn't happen! :/ Oh well. Lesson learned here... Patience.
Patience through trials is one of the greatest lessons we can learn! I know God knows me! I know He loves me. I know that we are given trials to make our spirits stronger. Just like in the gym... you need a little overload once in a while.. but the best part is that you have God as a spotter... What greater strength could you want?? 
I'm so grateful for the priesthood! I'm so grateful for the love I feel from the Lord whenever I receive a blessing of healing or of comfort. Thank you to everyone who sends me letters and shows me support while I'm out here. It truly does help me get through the hard days! 
I love you all! Take Care!
Sister Richardson

E-Mail from February 24, 2014!!

Hey Everyone!!
Transfer calls were this week!! I am staying in the Evergreen Ward with Sister Strong and we are getting a new companion! She's a temple square sister on her out-bound experience! Her name is Sister Kennach! She's from Indiana and she's from American Samoa! We are so excited to share our area with her and to get to know her better!
We've had another temple square sister with us for the last couple days! Her name is Sister Stephen! She's from Nebraska and is an incredible missionary.. she's got a little bit of an accent even though she doesn't really think she does! :) But she is sadly leaving us this transfer. 
I am so grateful for the Priesthood in my life! I'm so grateful that I am surrounded by men that hold the power of God and are worthy to exercise that power to help those around them! 
I was recently going through a rough time. (That happens sometimes on missions) As I sat down to get a blessing, they laid their hands on my head and I KNEW that the words coming out of their mouths were directly from my Father in Heaven. 
He knows us. He loves us. He won't let us fall as long as we have our foundation build on our Savior Jesus Christ who has felt everything that we have felt. 
I love this gospel. I love sharing it with those around me. I know Satan is real. But I know that as you put your trust in Him, He will catch you. I know that's true. 
Love you all!
Sister Richardson

E-Mail from February 18, 2014!

Hello Everybody!!
This has been such a busy week!!! Kalli was baptized!!!! The spirit was so strong! She didn't have any family there, but she had 3 friends that were nonmembers sit with her! She was crying the whole time and her friends would occasionally look over and watch her. When she was actually baptized she had to be immersed twice... her knee came up...but she took it like a champ! She is so incredible and such a good example to those around her! 
I can't help but feel that that is how we are supposed to act!! We are supposed to be that example to those around us that might not understand what we are doing, whether that's standing up for what is right or helping someone in need, but can feel the Spirit present when we act on those promptings from the Spirit! 
I'm so grateful for the Spirit in my life! I'm so grateful that he is a comforter, a teacher, a guide, and a friend! He tells me exactly what I need to know as I search for answers, and tells me what to say so that I can be the best servant for my father that I can be! I love the Lord! I love my Savior. I know He lives and knows me and loves me! I'm grateful I get to share His gospel with everyone around me!
I love you all! Stay strong!
Sister Richardson   
E-Mail from February 11, 2014
Hey Everyone!
I have learned so much from this last week!
1. Don't leave your camera ANYWHERE without expecting it to get broken... Even if its a church building.... ya... a bit of a bummer... but forgiveness is real, and so is the Atonement! :) 
2. Don't worry about what other people think about you. The most important person that you should be worried about pleasing is your Heavenly Father... and after that Jesus Christ. As you gain your errand from him everything will fall into place, even if you don't understand it completely!
3. This goes along with #2. As you submit your will to the Lord, you will have peace in your heart and in your life. No matter what may be happening around you, being EXACTLY obedient to the will of the Lord, whether it's obeying his commandments or acting on the revelation you receive, will bless you tremendously with the love and peace that come with the knowledge that what you've done was right! 
I'm so grateful for the Atonement! In times when it's too hard for me to do what I know the Lord wants me to do, I can gain strength from him to put my will aside and act. 
Acting, and submitting your will to the Lord is the only thing you can GIVE the Lord. Hej has everything he needs already, but your will is what will show him that you know what he wants and you are willing to submit to him. 
A quote from President Benson says, "When obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes your quest, then shall God endow thee with power on high." I know this is true! Miracles happen every day! As we keep our eyes out for them and as we WANT to be obedient, that's when we will be able to see them! 
I love the work of salvation! I know that Jesus Christ is at the head of his church!
I know this gospel is true! I know as we use the Atonement everyday to gain strength from it we can get through the hardest things we have ever been through!! 
I love you all! Hope all is well!
Sister Richardson  
E-Mail from February 3, 2014
Hey Everyone!
Hope all is well everywhere!
This week has been such a long week! Even though missionaries are happy a lot of the time they still have those weeks where things are just... HARD. This last week I was sick for 3 days with a sinus infection along with 2 other sisters that were working in 2 other companionships in the same stake as my companion and I. So we all stayed in while our companions went out and figured out how to work 3 different areas between them! I'm so grateful for the Lords help this week, we wouldn't have been able to do much without Him!
We have an investigator that is going to get baptized! We met her not this last week, but the week before and the first time we met her she said, "I'm the only one in my family that's choosing to be mormon." WHAT!?! Who says that!?! Kalli does!! She's 15 years old and is the cutest girl ever!! She's getting baptized on Feb 15th! I'm so excited for her! 
God prepares people to hear the gospel through different people everyday! Do what you can to be a good example of a member of the Chruch so others will see what a blessing it can be in their life. That's how Kalli started! She saw the kids around her being good examples, then started going to seminary with them! Now she is going to be the only member of her family to be in the chruch and she is going to effect generations with the decision she's making!! 
I love this gospel! I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ work right along side us every day to help move His work along! I know this is Christ's church, and I'm so grateful that I have been deemed worthy to be a representative of Him! 
S. Richardson
Ok, I think that gets all the e-mails caught up!!!  Have a wonderful day!   Remember to count your blessings!!!  It's amazing what the Lord has done!!!  
Love to all!!!! 

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