Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 23, 2013 E-Mail!!!!

Hey there Everyone!!!  

Sorry that Kayla's Christmas letter is a bit late!!!   But look at it this way, we can enjoy Christmas for just a little while longer!!!   Such a great letter this week!!!!  Enjoy!!! 

We were able to Skype with her on Christmas Day, and that was so wonderful to see her and be able to talk to her!!!   Yes ..... many tears were shed!   We just love her so much and are so proud of the work that she is doing!!!!   It was so hard to say good-bye!   But now we are looking forward to Mothers Day!!!!   Just love that girl!!!! 

Enjoy her Christmas letter, and Happy Reading!!!  

Love to all!!!!  

Hello Everyone!!
Sorry for the lack of a post last week! This week has been SO LONG!
Here is a poem I wrote to express my feelings.

Twas the night before finals and all through campus 
Everyone was studying with book and glasses
They stayed up all night without knowledge of time
Hoping their efforts would be acknowledged and fine. 

When all of a sudden a knock at the door 
Made them scurry and trip on the floor
They swung open the door with furry in their eyes
To see the missionaries standing with hope and surprise!

As they talked for what seemed like forever
They had no interest in adding a tether
To their lives that made them feel so free
They had no idea what they could be

So on they went with their stress and fuss
To their finals that made them mad and cuss 
Until the last final, they had made it through
And home they went to spend with their crew.

And so the missionaries are left behind 
With their important message for all to find.
They continue searching with faith in Christ 
For those ready to receive him who are willing and nice.

For Christ was born in Bethlehem 
And gave his life for all of men
We need but open the door and let him in
To get back to live with him    

Of this I witness to EVERYONE
Christ's love to those who feel undone
When worry and stress make you fall
HE is the one that, for you, gave ALL.

This season is a season to be celebrated! For our Savior was born and died for us... so that we could all come back to live with Him and our father in heaven! I'm grateful for this knowledge! I love my Savior! I'm so glad I get to share the gospel with those around me and to feel their spirit be strengthened! I love being a missionary! I love this gospel and I love my Lord. 
May we all keep the "reason for the season" in mind. Christ was the greatest gift given to all of mankind! 
Love you all and Merry Christmas!
Sister Richardson

Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 9, 2013 E-mail!!!

Here is last weeks letter!!!  

Happy Reading!!! 

Love to all!!! 

Hey Everyone!
I'm so happy to say that the work is hastening in Moscow, ID! We have two amazing people preparing to be baptized! They are incredible and will continue to progress in learning about the gospel! 
The weather took a turn for the cold this last week. Ill attach a couple pictures.. one with a sign that said it was 9 degrees outside at that point and one where we'd been walking for a while and my hair was frozen! :D haha typical Idaho... obviously the Lord was preparing me when I went to BYU-Idaho.. but its fine... I love feeling like a missionary when it's freezing outside!
I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Lamb! She's not poly even though I thought she was... She's native american!!!! Super cool!!!! I love her! I love teaching with her! I love how much she has taught me in this short week we have been together! 
The Spirit is incredible! You truly can know everything by the spirit! He is a guide and a comfort! 
I love this gospel! I love being a missionary! I love serving my Lord!
I love you all! Keep strong in the faith!! 
Sister Richardson

December 16, 2013 E-mail!!!!

Hey there Everyone!!!  

Here is this weeks E-Mail!!!!   with some wonderful pictures!!!!  

Have a wonderful day!!!  

Love you all!!! 

Leslie  : D 

ok... so i dont really feel like writing a general email this week!!! Just write one on my behalf and tell everyone i love them! :) haha and ill send more pictures and you can guess what is happening in each of them!!


            1st pic me and sister lamb... love this girl!!
2nd pic: the sisters i live with. typical personality of each of them (lft to rgt)... sister rasmuson is the happy one (also our sister training leader), sister luki (from new zealand) is ALWAYS eating, and sister lamby-pants who is simply goofy and amazing!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 2, 2013 E-Mail!!!!

Hey There Everyone!!!! 

Kayla didn't write last week, so there is no post from last week!   : / 

She did however redeem herself this week, so here is this weeks e-mail!!!! 

Happy Reading!!! 

Love to all!!!! 

Hey Everyone!
Sorry I didn't write last week! I only had an hour to email! It was crazy! Anyways, this week has been a week of roller-coaster emotions! Here are 6 explanations why:
1. Thanksgiving break = no students and we are campus missionaries.....
2. Went to the temple! AMAZING! 
3. Sister Hardy (the companion I've had since coming out into the field) went home.... I was extremely sad.
4. I met my twin! Super freaky...but super funny all at the same time!!! We are so alike it's ridiculous! I love Sister Fuller (aka my twin)!
5. I don't have a companion right now...kind of stressful...but I get to pick up my new companion, Sister Lamb, tomorrow! She's poly!!! I love Poly's!!! Super excited!
6. Satan was at one of my lessons.  
Numbers 2 and 6 were my High and Low points of the week, but I have learned so much from each of them! The day before I had the #6 experience I went to the temple! I don't know how I would've reacted otherwise. The feeling in the temple is so peaceful and happy. I know that the Lord resides there and wants all of his children to end up there! I love the temple! That was just a buffer day for what i needed to learn from this lesson I had. Long story short: This family had some problems. Eventually we were able to discern by the spirit that there was something here that should not be. They have a young child that is sensitive to spiritual surroundings. Whether it was Satan himself or one of his devils, they were walking with that child. you can call me crazy; but i know what I felt and I know what my companion felt. I'd never felt what "pure evil" felt like until that moment, but now I do. The Lord has taught me so many lessons while I've been on my mission! I am so grateful for these experiences. As a good friend of mine put, "It's a good thing you're going through this intense mommy-boot camp!" I'm so excited to see what kind of person the Lord is going to mold me into to be the best mother and wife I can be for my future family! I know this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ the Lord will mold me into the person I am supposed to become! I'm grateful that darkness must flee in the presence of light. I've experienced this kind of change in people just in the few 4 1/2 months I've been out. I'm grateful for the Atonement! I love my Savior. I know He lives! I love him and I know he knows me perfectly!
I love you all! I hope you're having a great holiday season!
Sister Richardson

I just love it when she sends pictures!!!!!   Yay!!!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 12, 2012 Letter!!!!

And finally,  this weeks letter!!!!

Sure do love this little Sister of ours!!!

Happy Reading!!!

Love to all!!!

Have a FANTASTIC Day!!!!

Hello Everyone!!!
This week has been kind of frustrating/hard. And from that I've learned a lot about myself and about the Lord. He knows us so well! He knows us individually. He loves us. He knows what we can handle. As we put our trust in the Lord and fully submit our will to His and do what He wants us to do... He will take care of us. He knows what's best for us! I can say that I know why I'm out here on a mission and it's not for me, it's not for my family, it's not for my friends, it's not even for the Lord; it IS for that stranger that is standing on the street corner, or in the line at the grocery store, or just going for a walk. It's for my brothers and sisters to hear the gospel.
We had a miracle happen just yesterday. We were meeting with a girl that said that she couldn't meet with us for the last week because she'd been sick. We got into the lesson and started teaching her the Restoration. I recited the account that Joseph Smith gave of the first vision. After I was done she said, "That's beautiful." At that point we asked her if she would be baptized. (This was our first lesson with her) She said yes. We asked her if she would prepare to be baptized on December 14th. She said yes. After this horrible week, all it took was one lesson for the spirit to testify of truth to, not only her, but every single person in that room! This is the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints. He is at it's head. The person that knows EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this earth is at the head of this church. I know that for a fact! 
We continued on the day and went to FHE on a spiritual high from how strong the spirit was in that meeting, and began talking to one of our returning less actives. He told us that he'd been talking with his boss and that he was trying to get Sunday mornings off so he could come to church! HE IS SO HAPPY! It's annoying to him that he can't hide his emotions because the light in his eyes is so radiant! That's what this gospel does! It brings you closer to God and allows that light to shine through! Each day you grow closer to God, you come closer to what your full potential is. 
You are a child of God! You have divine potential to become like your father in heaven! Of all the names the creator of the universe has, He asks us to call Him 'Father'. 
He knows us. He loves us. Just like President Uchtdorf says, "Doubt your doubt before you doubt your faith." 
Love you all!
Sister Richardson  

A. Thanksgiving Turkey's made out of candy!!! delicious... hahaha ya... about No Sweets November... ;D
B. This is what happens when you're on the way to the grocery store... yup.. love my Sisters! :D
C. The horse orphanage we do our service at.... that's not mud we are standing in... yet it is so much fun! I love digging post holes! :D 

November 4, 2013 E-Mail!!!!

Here is the second of the updates!!!!  

Happy Reading!!!

Love to all!!!

Hello Everyone!!
We continue to have spider issues! One of the pictures is a spider trap with 3 spiders stuck in it... gross.
We had our first snowfall this week! It was nice during the day and then the night hit and we were on bikes heading to an apt complex on the complete opposite side of Moscow...then the downpour started...and we couldn't see anything!!! It was so cold, but so much fun at the same time! 
The night before we had a huge windstorm and blew a tree over that was on campus! My companion, who is taller than I am is standing next to it in the picture! 
That same companion thought it would be a good idea to do "NO SWEETS NOVEMBER".... which consists of no refined sugars unless its a holiday or a member makes dessert specifically for us... hahah needless to say I'm pushing for as many member dinners as possible!!! haha 
Can I just say that fasting is incredible!? We were fasting on sunday and miracles happen! We were meeting with one of our less actives who has been struggling for a really long time and we went into this lesson with the Elders Quorum President in the ward and had such a spiritual lesson!!!! He recognized the spirit was present and Sister Hardy asked the one question that he didn't want to answer, "What is the Lord inspiring you to do right now?" He answered that the Lord wanted him to be a 100% member and to stop looking in the past and only look to the future!!! I was so happy I started crying!!! (The spirit helped with that one too) But it was incredible!! Fasting works! I love it! 
The church is true! be a 100% member! Be a shining example of a Latter-Day Saint! People will see the difference!
Love you all!
Sister Richardson

October 28, 2013 E-mail!!!

Ok ......  so things have been a little busy with Chelsi, and my new Granddaughter Bailey Ann, so I haven't made the time to post Kayla's recent letters .....  sorry!  I know that there are you who love her to and want to keep tabs on her, so ....  here are a few of the last updates!  

Love to all!!!

Happy Reading!!!  

Hey Everyone!!!!
It will be extremely short today. My companion and I along with our ward mission put on a ward missionary fireside last night! It was incredible! The spirit was so strong. Missionary work is so important! It is all of our responsibilities to help others know Christ and come closer to him! Eza 10:4 ... Just do it! :) I love you all!
Sister Richardson

I know!!!!!  Not a lot, but there is more to come!!!   Even her personal letter to us was a little bitty thing!!!  

So ........, stay tuned!!!!  

Monday, October 21, 2013

This weeks e-mail!!! October 21, 2013!

Here is this weeks letter!!!!   

Have a wonderful day!!!!  

Love to all!!!  

Hello Everyone!!!
I made it through transfer calls!!!! I am staying with my trainer in Moscow, ID! These next six weeks just happen to be the last six weeks that my trainer (Sister Hardy) is on her mission. So in mission terms 'I'm killing my mother!' haha She's a little nervous/anxious/excited about this next transfer! It's going to be EPIC! 
Not a whole lot happened this last week! But something that continues to touch me every day are the hymns of the church! I LOVE SINGING!!! I wasn't very good before the mission....but I think I've improved a little since being home! Music is a very powerful tool! The spirit is so strong when it's used in the right way; but used in the wrong way, music can just as easily drive the spirit away! We sing to people ALL THE TIME!! It's a good way for the people we contact or tract to feel the spirit. In fact later today we will be singing to one of our less active members! I love singing! Two of my favorite hymns to sing currently are Savior Redeemer of My Soul (pg 112) and Lead Kindly Light (pg 97)! They are WONDERFUL!!! 
It's definitely starting to get colder... and biking in cold weather is... well lets just say its not much of 'a breeze'. Sometimes the wind is so strong and cold that we are laughing because of the ridiculousness of the situation! *sigh*
Anyways... There are a lot of spiders in our apartment lately... we bought more spider traps today because there were at least 3 hobo spiders in each of the last 4 traps we've put out... its ok though.... well, that's what i keep telling myself every morning after exiting the bathroom in extreme haste due to a spider threatening my life! 
I will give Moscow this... The fall is very pretty here! I leaves and bushes turn beautiful colors! If it wasn't for the temperature it'd be pretty nice here! :) 
I love my mission. I've learned so much from being out here! I love being a representative of Jesus Christ sharing His gospel! I love the people here! I love serving EVERY ONE ALL DAY LONG!!! 
I'm so happy to be a missionary! I love you all! 
Keep the faith, and keep smiling!
Sister Richardson

Last weeks e-mail!!! October 14, 2013

Here is last weeks e-mail!!!!  

Happy Reading!!!

Hey Everyone!!
Time is short today, but I have learned so much this last week! It has been depressing and tiring but so exhilarating and wonderful at the same time!
Monday night we had just got done with P-day (6pm) and we started walking to the institute building! We were on FIRE! We were talking to EVERYONE that we saw and it was so great! We were inviting people to be baptized and getting names and phone numbers and just doing what missionaries love to do. We saw that we had missed a call from our mission president, so we listened to the voice mail. He said that he had a new assignment for Sister Workman. We weren't too worried cause we have a sister in our district that is going back to temple square on Tuesday of this week so we figured she'd just go into that area until transfers (next week Sunday). After we got to the institute we called president back and he told Sister Workman that she needed to pack her bags and that she would be leaving on Wednesday to go to Sand Point... Wait WHAT?... (That's what went through all of our heads) We were heartbroken! Right as we get in the groove of learning how to teach with three people, the Lord switched it up. I'm not going to lie... I was a bit bitter! The friend that I relied on the most since I've been out here was leaving! But after she left on Wednesday I had a wonderful conversation, through prayer, with the Lord. He chastened me, lovingly of course, and told me not to be so selfish and prideful. We had just received a training on fully submitting our will to the Lords will and at that time I definitely was not doing that.... so I did what I had to do... I repented and changed my behavior. I cannot tell you what a difference that has made to my mission! The area is on fire! The members are working with us better than ever! We got two new investigators the other day! 
The Lord blesses us when we are willing to submit our will to his. I don't have the exact quote, but a prophet said that our will is the only true thing that we have to place on the alter that our Heavenly Father hasn't already given us. As you do this, miracles happen. It doesn't only work with missionary work. In your every day life, as you listen to the right music, as you make the choice NOT to go to that party, and as you decide to keep yourself clean from the things of this declining world, you will see a difference! No matter who you are, where you are, nor how you've gotten there, submitting your will to the Father and being obedient will bring you blessings.
Satan is trying to build a world full of grey areas. It's not that these shorts are "just a little too short" it's the fact that "they ARE too short." Don't let Satan have an inch...  eventually he will go a mile.... or even longer down into a dark place that our Father in Heaven doesn't want you to be.. EVER. 
God loves all of his children and wants them to live with him again. Commandments are not hindrances, they are blessings to keep us happy in this life. As we live them we are happy and make it possible for God to give us the blessings that we need at that time. 
I am so grateful for this gospel! I love the lord for his loving way of showing me when I'm doing something wrong. It's not about relying on your friends or your family...  it's about relying on the one person you loves you and cares about you most! Our Father who is in heaven! 
I know this, and you can too!
Sister Richardson

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013 E-mail!!!

Hey, Hey, Heeeeyyyyy!!!  

Here is today's letter!!!!   Is she awesome or what!!!

Enjoy, and Happy Reading!!!

Love to all!!!

Hey Everyone!!
HOLY HARRAH... what a week!!!! 
This week was filled with trainings, church tours, conferences...yes plural, ill explain later, and of course miracles!! 
We had a church tour on Monday night with a student that has been hanging around with some of he members for the last month or so. When we got there the member that was coming with us brought another one of her friends. Preface: THE LORD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS! It turns out that the church tour needed to be for the friend that was brought not the friend that we invited in the first place!! He totally felt the spirit and it was fabulous!!.... to bad he's in the Elders area...we would have loved to teach him! 
SO MANY TRAININGS! Last week was full of them and this week will be full of them as well! The work is hastening and many of the trainings we are having are all based on how we can work better with our members!!! Those of you back home....just do it! Find someone that needs this messege and say, "Hey this is something that has blessed my life and I know it will bless yours will you meet with the missionaries to see how?" Simple. To the Point! That's what people like. Don't beat around the bush! Yes, you've just been rebuked... If you have been spreading the gospel... Keep it up! I'm positive the missionaries LOVE you! 
We had one of the most AMAZING women's conferences I've ever experienced on Wednesday! All the sisters in the mission were able to go to Spokane and have a real moral booster! It was probably one of my favorite days this week! All the sisters gathered and we had talks on how to keep ourselves healthy both physically and spiritually. A lot of the time we are extremely hard on ourselves when we are trying to be better missionaries, learning how to be moms in this crazy world, and sharing the gospel with people who constantly reject a piece of who you are. To all of the sisters there the theme was: Happiness is the design of our existence. How amazing is that!! We are here on earth to be Happy!!!! there was a quote from a brother who spoke he said, "If you're given a choice (which we are), choose happy!" *sigh* how perfect! Speaking of perfection...that was an underlying theme! When it says in Matthew "Be ye therefore perfect even as I am perfect" If you look in the footnote it says, "complete" or "finished". It is impossible for us (all of us...not just sisters) to be PERFECT. But we can be complete... and the only way to be complete is through the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ! He's already paid the price! Whether it's guilt, shame, depression, unhappiness, or even physical pain... Christ can help... I promise that as you ASK for strength it will be given to you in abundance... the hardest part of this process is asking... and believing you'll get what you ask for!! 
So that was women's conference....then there was GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! I LOVE OUR PROPHET!!!! He's so great!! Every single word that was said in conference this weekend was inspired!!! I have a task for everyone who reads this. Use a talk from general conference to spread the gospel and invite someone to meet with the missionaries! Pray for guidance as to what talk to use. Go online. Read through the titles. If that's not enough, read a little bit of the talk. Choose a talk. Pray for someone to share it with. AND LOOK FOR THE OPPORTUNITY!!! If we ask for it, he will give us the opportunity, but we have to seize it when it presents itself!!! 
Ok...I'm off my soap-box now....but seriously...conference was AMAZING!!
Yesterday my companions and I were on a spiritual high!!! It was fabulous!! We are on the University of Idaho campus and we went and asked 20 people to be baptized in 3 hours!!!!! It was INSANE!!! The spirit was soooo strong and we even found a less active that had been baptized at 8 and then his parents fell he did too... Brothers and Sisters he STILL had the look in his eyes of someone who was SEARCHING FOR THE GOSPEL!! He felt the spirit and wanted to meet with us later! As Elder Holland says, "Look into their eyes. They will tell you everything you need to know" 
I love this gospel! I know it's true! I've read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it to find out. You can too. Nourishing our testimonies is an ongoing process... you can't just read the Book of Mormon once and be set for the rest of your life. You have to continually work at it! I thank my Heavenly Father for giving me a home where I could be raised with the values of the gospel continually surrounding me! If there is something in your life stopping this progression, I beg you to change it! God loves you. He wants you to live with him again!! 
I'm so grateful for all the letters and packages that have been sent my way!! I know there are people at home who love and care about me and THAT has meant SO much... especially through hard days! 
Keep the faith and stay strong.... and remember to smile! :) 
Love ya!
Sister Richardson

September 30, 2013 E-mail!!!

Hey there Everyone!!!

Sorry this is late, ....  but better late than never!   Right!?  Here is Kayla's e-mail from last week!

Enjoy, and Happy Reading!!!  

On Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 4:24 PM, Kayla Richardson <> wrote:
Hello Everyone! 
There are so many things that have happened this last week but I want to concentrate on 3...
First of all... life is full of trials and challenges. I can testify to you right now that if you're not happy... change your thoughts. Make goals... write them down... hold yourself accountable for them (and if you know you won't get someone you're with a lot to do it for you) If you change your thoughts, your behavior will follow! I have a testimony of that! I thank heaven for the companions I have right now who so lovingly help me with my goals to change my thoughts from negative to positive thinking! It works miracles brothers and sisters! Truly!

Secondly, here is something for your enjoyment that was given to us by a member:
The Way It Is
Leaps tall buildings in a single bound,
Is more powerful than a locomotive,
Is faster than a speeding bullet,
Walks on water,
Associates with God.
Leaps short buildings in a single bound, 
Is more powerful than a switch engine,
Is just as fast as a speeding bullet,
Walks on water if the sea is calm,
Talks with God.
Leaps short buildings with a running start and favorable winds,
Is almost as powerful as a switch engine,
Is faster than a decelerating bullet,
Walks on water in an indoor swimming pool,
Talks with God if special request is approved.
Barely clears a mud hut,
Loses tug-of-war with locomotives,
Can fire a speeding bullet,
Swims well,
Is occasionally addressed by God.
Makes high marks on the wall when trying to leap tall buildings,
Is run over by locomotives,
Can sometimes handle a gun without inflicting self-injury,
Dog paddles,
Talks to animals.
Runs into buildings,
Recognizes locomotives 2 out of 3 times,
Is not issued ammunition,
Can stay afloat with a life jacket,
Talks to walls.
Falls over doorsteps when trying to enter buildings,
Says, "Look at the choo-choo!"
Wets himself with a water pistol,
Plays in mud puddles,
Mumbles to himself.
Lifts buildings and walks under them,
Kicks locomotives off the tracks,
Catches speeding bullets with her teeth and eats them, 
Freezes water in a single glance.
Knows God.
Lastly, I am so grateful for inspired leaders of the church to guide us with their words. The General Relief Society Meeting was in a single word: INSPIRED. I'm sure you can say that about any church meeting, but I love listening to the leadership of the women in the church, and what a treat it was to listen to the prophet of the world talk to his beloved sisters! I love listening to the prophet! As we come to listen to the apostles and prophets this weekend, have a question or two in mind so that the spirit can work within you to answer those questions that you've been pondering!
God loves you, He knows you, and He wants you to live with Him again! I know that. I've found it out for myself! 
Do everything in your power to listen to the prophet and apostles of Christ's church talk to the world. You will be inspired! I know the fullness of the gospel has been restored once again upon the earth! I know it, I live it, and I LOVE IT! 
I love you all! I hope all is well! Keep the faith and God's speed!
Sister Richardson  

Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013 E-mail!!!

Hey there one and all!!!

Here is the latest e-mail, received today!!!  

Love you all!!!

Happy Reading!!!

Hello Everyone!!!
Life is great out here in Moscow, Idaho! It's starting to get a bit colder, so all of the super cute clothes are coming out! The winters have always been a struggle for me, but I know that this winter is going to be an epic one! I was able to experience being a "true missionary" this week where we were able to ride our bikes in the rain! My companions and I were singing as we rode and it made it 10 times better! Yesterday we were able to experience the same thing...except this time it was about 40 degrees outside and raining.... needless to say i need to invest in some gloves while biking during the winter or else I won't have fingers when I come back! 
I've also been able to experience what a migraine feels like for most of the week! I know my mom gets them, but I guess that was the Lords way of making me gain more respect for my mother in that way! :) Throughout this week I've learned that Satan will do ANYTHING in his power to stop the progression of the work of the Lord. God's work will never stop. His work will progress now and throughout eternity. "This is my work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man" Moses 1:39. God wants us to live with him again and He will do all in his power to help his children see how much he loves them. That doesn't mean life is going to be easy. "...if thou shouldst be cast into the pit, or into the hands of murderers, and the sentence of death passed upon thee; if thou be cast into the deep; if the billowing surge conspire against thee; if fierce winds become thine enemy; if the heavens gather blackness, and all the elements combine to hedge up the way; and above all, if the very jaws of hell shall gape open the mouth wide after thee, know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good. The Son of Man hath descended below them all. Art thou greater than he?" D&C 122:7-8
I know that we are given trials for our own benefit! I know God loves us and helps us whenever we ask for help, but we have to be willing to try.
I have come to understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ so much better than I ever have in my life before and it is amazing!
I love the Lord. He loves me. He loves you. Keep praying. Keep asking for help. He always has His hand extended to help you in any way He can. Read the Book of Mormon. It will help. 
I love you all and I think of home often, but I know what I'm doing out here is what the Lord needs me to be doing right now. 
Keep the faith and stay strong.
Sister Richardson

Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013 E-mail!!!

Hey there everyone!!!  

Here is this weeks e-mail!!!!

Love those funny stories!!!  

Happy Reading!!!  

All our love!!!

Hello EVERYONE!!!!
Funny story of the week. This actually happened last night:
As we were riding home from an amazing day out on the mission I was with my two companions (S. Workman and S. Hardy) and they were singing disney songs. I thought to myself....this would make a great skillfully as I pulled my camera out of my bag, took it out of its case, I started recording these two lovely women that I have come to know and love so much. When they realized I was recording this didn't deter them at all they kept singing to their hearts content. For about 5 min as we were biking we were about to come to a corner. Realizing that my camera was in my right hand (my braking hand) I began switching the camera to my left hand. Just as I did so my bike hit a bump I didn't see (it was kind of dark). This bump knocked my camera out of my hands. In this moment there was a string of words going through my head that I'm sure wouldn't have made Christ very happy.... but I also knew my parents wouldn't be very happy when they found out that my camera was broken either (I still have yet to hear from them on that). Me being myself however decided that I would fix it after we planned for the next days activities. As I pulled the camera apart to see if anything was loose....everything looked ok... As i tried to turn it on nothing was working. I decided that since it was getting late I would try and fix the inner workings the next day, but could fix the cosmetic injuries that had occurred that night. I bent things back to their rightful place and started reassembling my cute little camera. I started with the faceplate and worked my way backwards. As I began putting the middle piece back on my finger slipped onto a metal plate and the next thing I knew I felt the painful energy course through me! I'D BEEN SHOCKED! I mumbled to myself and laughed a little as my companions stood there with puzzled looks on their faces. Sister Workman finally spoke saying, "Did you just shock yourself?" Laughing I responded in the affirmative! I could hardly believe it myself, but indeed I had been shocked. I didn't know how or what had shocked me....but I knew it hurt and I didn't want it to happen again. As I continued reassembling, my thumb on my right hand touched the same plate that my previous finger had... this shock lasted a little longer.... dropping the camera I responded with hysterical laughter, saying "FREAK THAT HURTS!".... Long story companions think im crazy... I think i still have a little bit of electricity left inside my body, and never try to fix a broken camera when you're extremely tired when you have NO idea what you're doing! :) 
Like everything however, this can be related to the gospel. A lot of times we are enjoying our time with our friends and family and we see an obstacle coming up fast. When we realized we aren't prepared for these things, we try and fix things at the last second. What we don't realize is that there was something in the path that we didn't see, a bump in the road that wasn't expected. These unexpected bumps can produce accidents that have dire consequences. When we pick the problem apart to find the injury beneath, our uneducated eyes don't know where to look, yet we persist and try to make it look good on the outside. It might look ok on the outside, but if what is going on inside doesn't work there is no point trying to use it. When we try and fix these problems by ourselves without the help of an expert we get shocked, both emotionally and spiritually. It hurts A LOT when it happens, but we know that as we seek counsel from those who know what they're doing, who have experienced it before, our insides will be repaired to the point where they can look like new, but operate perfectly as well. 
Life isn't easy to deal with sometimes. We will get shocked. We will think we can do it on our own, but we know that if we want to be able to look like new and function properly there is one person that has always been where we've been. And he will never leave us alone as long as we ask for His help and guidance. People might think we're crazy, and we will still learn from our mistakes, but don't try and fix it without the help of The One who knows. 
I know Jesus Christ is my Redeemer and that He has been through everything for me. All I have to do is ask for His help and He will be there. 
I love this gospel!
Sister Kayla Richardson 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 9, 2013

Hey Everyone!!!

Here is this weeks letter from our missionary!!!  Fun pictures too!!!  Just love those!!!

Happy Reading!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!!!

Hello Everyone!!!
This last week was a tad CRAZY! We went on exchanges again and I went to Pullman with Sister Stevens!! She's so much fun! She's from Cali and I'm from Vegas and we both just clicked...especially since we both share a love of the beach! We were constantly reminiscing about being at the beach and in swim suits and such...*sigh* Anyways... Back to real life. 
I went to the store the other day and saw a weird looking thing on a shelf. I asked Sister Lin (she's from Taiwan) if she knew what it was. She said that it was a dragon fruit. I decided that I wanted to try it.... I won't go into details, but it was a tad strange. haha it has the same consistency as Kiwi....but without the taste...really any taste haha but attatched are pictures we decided the other half might have taste if we froze it... we have yet to try that yet.... At least it looks cool! :) 
We had transfer calls this week!!!!! Sister Hardy and I were waiting by the phone last night for seriously 30 minutes!! ..way to be prompt Elders...then when they finally did end up calling we both reached for the phone bonking our heads while doing so and squealing like pigs because we were so excited to see what our next 6 weeks were going to be like! We found out that we both are staying our companionship and are staying here in Moscow...what we didn't even imagine was that we were getting a third companion!!! WHAT!?! I KNOW RIGHT!?! Sister Workman, another sister here in Moscow, is being added to our companionship to make our awesomeness a trio!!! We were all SO excited! Sister Workman and I get along VERY well! You could say we are kind of like the same person, just in two separate bodies...haha...but really. I am sooooo excited for this companionship to take's going to be so dynamite! We are all so stoked!
Work-wise things have sadly been declining... :/ Three of our investigators that we thought were going really well, told us they didn't want to meet anymore...or just stopped answering our texts and phone calls. It's sad to see people have the experiences they do, then not want to learn anymore about such amazing truths that will literally save their souls! I'm not going to lie, sometimes it's disheartening; however, I am always called back to a blessing my dad gave me before I left on my mission. In it he told me that I would be planting a lot of seeds in the hearts of the people that I came in contact with. As I see this part of this blessing being unfolded in front of me I can't help but feel grateful for being a member of this church and to know that my father in heaven knows me well enough to bring that promise in particular back to my memory whenever I get discouraged. I know that whether people are being baptized or not, I am still bringing the gospel to everyone I come in contact with!! There is a quote that I came into contact with this week that explains what I mean perfectly. 
It says,
"Your life is carefully watched over, as was mine. The Lord knows both what He will need you to do and what you will need to know. He is kind and He is all-knowing. So you can with confidence expect that He has prepared opportunities for you to learn in preparation for the service you will give. you will not recognize those opportunities perfectly, as I did not. But when you put the spiritual things first in your life, you will be blessed to feel directed toward certain learning, and you will be motivated to work harder. You will recognize later that your power to serve was increased, and you will be grateful." -Henry B. Eyring 
I can testify that what President Eyring said is 100% true. I'm not on my mission for myself. I might be effected by what I learn on my mission but it is not FOR me. It is for those I teach, those I talk to, those who I love back home, those who I have yet to bring into this world, for that person I will spend eternity with. This mission is for the people in my future and I am constantly being guided to things that the Lord wants me to know for the rest of my life so I can help those around me. I love what I've learned so far, and I can't wait to keep learning for the rest of my life what my Heavenly Father has in store for me. 
Oh ya! And remember to smile, you're all prettier that way anyways! ;D
Sister Kayla Richardson 

Kayla with Sis. Hardy, her Companion!!

With Sisters Lin and Workman!!

Loving Comp's!!!

Crazy Dragon Fruit!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 3, 2013 E-mail!!!

Here is Kayla's e-mail from this week!!  

Happy Reading!!!

She sent some cute pictures!!   It's sooo good to see how happy she is!!!  

Hello Everyone!!!
This week has been so crazy!!! We had two transfers and have seen so many miracles working in the area!! We now have 7 investigators!!! Yay!!! I love teaching the gospel, and I love it when members refer you too them! If a member is present at the lesson, they are so much more likely to keep wanting to know more about the church! Members are sooooo important!!! I can't stress that enough!! 
On one of the exchanges another sister from my district, Sister Workman, came into my area and we had so much success that day!! Things started to fall into place! She during companionship study she also gave me a quote that I thought I'd share with everyone:

"I am called of God. My authority is above that of the kings of the earth. By revelation I have been selected as a personal representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is my Master, and He has chosen me to represent Him; to stand in His place. To say and do what He Himself would say and do if He personally were ministering to the very people to whom He has sent me. My voice is His voice, and my acts are His acts. My words are His words, and my doctrine is His doctrine. My commission is to do what He wants done, to say what He wants said, to be a living modern witness in word and in deed of the divinity of His great and marvelous latter-day work. How great is my calling?"

 Now all of the punctuation might not be right, but man! *Sigh* I LOVE THIS!!!! THIS IS SO TRUE! But not only is it about full time set apart missionaries. Everyone who has been baptized and has taken the name of Jesus Christ upon them is a missionary of the Lord. We are ALL HIS MISSIONARIES!! We are all called; we are all chosen. Gospel literally means "good news" so why not spread it!?!  I LOVE THIS WORK! Christ walks with us! I love you all! Keep the faith!
Sister Kayla Richardson

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Soooooo .... Funny Story!!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

It sounds like this week was a good one!!!  Enjoy this one!  I laughed and laughed!!!

Hey Everyone!!
I went on my first exchange this last week and it was AMAZING!! I went to Pullman.... like 10 min down the road from Moscow... and worked with Sister Johnson there....who happened to be in one of my classes last semester at BYU!!! Weird RIGHT!?! Anyways we had an awesome time!!! We worked so well together... contacting was so easy because their school WSU was already in session so we got to do a lot of contacting while walking to the institute, and conversations were much smoother than stopping someone walking the other direction and explaining that we were missionaries...blah blah blah. We got to learn about different people and eventually they asked us what we were doing, then we were able to share the gospel! AWESOMENESSS!!!
And I thought the hills in Moscow were bad....I hadn't biked in Pullman yet.... they don't have hills....they have mountains! and it's not just mountains....these mountains have no flat parts on them WHAT SO EVER.... therefore, we were either biking up a mountain or biking down a mountain....I prefer the down part....but then once you get to the bottom....the uphill part starts and it really is just an endless, merciless cycle. SO.... I got quite the workout, but we were able to teach a lesson to a girl we contacted and had a good conversation about acting and being acted upon.... There's a really good part in a talk entitled " The Atonement and the Journey of Mortality" by Elder Bednar if you want to look that up.... however she was the later...and it was kind of frustrating, but we got her to pray to ask God if she needed to start reading the Book of Mormon again... so I guess we could consider that a success :) 
We were also able to teach this super cute girl while still on exchanges....she had sent Sister Johnson a text the previous night saying that she didn't want to take the discussions anymore. We asked if we could meet with her to talk about why that's how she felt. When she came we had a good lesson with the Spirit present and she still decided to drop us... I literally felt my heart break, because SHE KNEW! She did! You could see it in her eyes, but as she left I had a thought come into my head. Maybe she has to experience life without it again to realize what she is missing... as i voiced this thought to Sister Johnson and the member we had with us, the member, Hannah said, " I thought the SAME THING!" The church is true people! :) haha the spirit is felt everyday and it's amazing to experience it :)
Funny story: 
Anyone who knows me knows I HATE bugs.... especially bees and hornets.... well.....while cooking dinner the room started to get a bit smokey so Sister Hardy and Sister Richardson decided to open the two doors they have in their living room to get a cross breeze going so the fire alarm doesn't go off. It was so nice outside they decided to leave them open for a little while. While Sister Hardy excused herself to use the restroom, Sister Richardson was doing dishes. As she turned around to put some things away she was greeted by a hornet coming in her direction.... She whispered, "Sister Hardy" as the threat advanced on her, her whisper turned into a scream, "SISTER HARDY!!!!!!" As she ran away from this terrifying threat Sister Hardy came out of the bathroom to see Sister Richardson with a kitchen towel ready to defend herself against the terrible monster. As it landed on the screen of the window (which was also open) Sister Richardson was getting ready to pounce and kill this threat to her life then Sister Hardy in the most calm manner possible went over and shut the window, locking the hornet inside the window and said, "There, now we just wait for it to die!" Satisfied she started walking away. However, now seeing the hornet trapped and trying to get out, hopelessly facing its doom, she felt sorry for the creature and was determined to save it...... I know.... don't ask questions. With a bit of coaxing on Sister Richardson's side they opened the window to try and help this hornet who minutes ago was trying to take her life, when out of nowhere a second hornet appeared!!! Still determined to save these two hornets. Sister Richardson and Sister Hardy got two cups and with amazing skill managed to trap both of them against the screen. Sliding a piece of paper between the screen and cup they had successfully captured the two hornets. They looked at each other, "Now what" As they were trying to decide what to do the chances of escape from these two hornets was imminent! They couldn't be held forever! "How do we open the door!?!" As Sister Richardson maneuvered her elbow into the grasp of the door handle she was able to push down and open the door. As the two sisters set the cups with the hornets on the floor. They decided counting down would be the best option. They readied themselves... " 1....2.......3!" Knocking down both cups they dove into their apartment screaming and slamming the door behind them. They had SURVIVED! curious to see if they were successful in freeing their new friends they looked out the peephole. They didn't see anything. Sister Richardson bravely opened the door a crack. As the door got wider she stuck her head out and looked out in both directions.....The coast was clear. They had done it! 
moral of the story EVERY CREATURE IS GODS CREATURE! If it's not a threat don't kill it! ....except spiders...always kill spiders! :) 
Hope everyone is having a fantastic week! 
Spread the gospel!!! The world needs to hear it! 
Sister Kayla Richardson

Monday, August 19, 2013


Now here is the e-mail that we received today!!!

Sounds like she's loving the miracles!!!!

Happy Reading!!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hey there everyone! 

I have seen so many miracles this week! One of them being on myself! ...Let me explain... I'm a rugby player.... I like to work out! So one morning I decided to start a workout program with our RS president in our singles ward. the program was the one that they had the stars of the new superman movie do (Thank you Brian)... Well this workout involved a lot of squats, plyometrics, and cardio..... ya.... I noticed that throughout the day it became a little more difficult to bike and walk....I knew I was in for a treat the next day. 
When I woke up....I had a difficult time getting out of bed. My legs were so tight I had to walk with them straight for a little while for fear of snapping my quads in two... so here I am waddling down the hall like a penguin to the bathroom...lets just say sitting on the toilet was not a pleasant experience that morning! I went out to "work out" and decided stretching was the better alternative. I rolled my legs out with my 5 lb hand weight and was almost crying in the process. I knew I was in for it today. We had a full day of biking and tracting ahead of us and I had no idea how I was going to do it. However, my pride kicked in and said...."Suck it up, You're a Richardson... You play rugby... You can do this!" So I did... We biked and tracted for 5 hours total that day... 4 of which were in the beginning of the day and with little to no success anywhere!! I tried not to complain, but my mind was far from the work as I was trying to concentrate on not crying in front of my companion or our mini-missionary that we had with us...
Eventually we made it back to our apartment for dinner... Begrudgingly I went and took a nap instead of eating... when I woke up, I felt so beat up I did the best I could to kneel and I prayed. I asked the Lord to take the pain away long enough for me to do His work and for my mood to be lifted. When people speak of miracles working within them....this is LITERALLY what i felt. My legs kind of tingled and although the pain hadn't completely subsided I knew He was numbing them to a degree where I could do His work and His will! After the pain was mood did become lighter....funny how that works hahaha anyways.. we did our last hour of tracting we had for the day and we had so much more success than we had the previous 4 hours! 
Many people believe that the Atonement is only used for sins....but I know without a doubt that it can be used for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! even the leg pain of a stubborn missionary! I thank my father in heaven for sending me on a mission everyday and I just want to do His will! He is my rock and stay! 
Keep the work moving along!
Sister Richardson

"This is Truly God's Country!"

Hey everyone!!!

Here is Kayla's e-mail from last week!  We didn't get it until Wednesday, (which was a really crazy day for me, by the way)!!  Kayla was able to attend the temple, on Wednesday, and that changed her p-day!!!  (Good to know for future reference!)

Happy Reading!!!

Wed. August 14, 2013

I am sooooo grateful to be on my mission!! The Lord has blessed me in so many ways! I have an excellent companion, I have a beautiful apartment, and the field is white and ready to harvest! (no really, there are wheat fields EVERYWHERE up here!) 
This truly is God's country! *sigh* It is so gorgeous up here! and I love being on campus to talk to people that are my own age! 
We do a lot of campus contacting and tracting, but a lot of service as well! We have helped numerous amounts of people move out and in just because there's a big law school and medical school up here and their schools start earlier. However, we are starting to get a lot of the sorority girls coming in, so maybe we can convert a whole sorority!! That would be fantastic! Keep that in your prayers. ;)
We had what was called a mini-missionary last week! She was soooooo amazing!!!! It's this program that the stakes up here in our mission have where teenage girls (in high school) come out and are a missionary for a week! They do everything we do! It's so cool! Her name was Sister Blake....and funny story...She knows Ali Smith!! One of my rugby girls! But she doesn't just KNOW her....oh no....THEY'RE BEST FRIENDS!!!! How AWESOME is that!!!!???!!!! I love how the Lord put people in our lives just to say... "hey I'm thinkin about ya!" She went home on sunday, but we are getting another one today! We are so excited!
We have had so many miracles and tender mercies this week! We've been looking really hard for people to teach and have prayed to know where to go, and the last couple days we have seen the Lord soften the hearts of his children so many times! We were contacting on sunday and literally had 3 batismal invitations on the street and 7 mini lessons as well as 9 church tour invites!! That is SO many compared to what we've been getting, and the miracle, is just that the numbers have been increasing throughout this week! We are so excited to see what the Lord has in store for us!
One thing that has been hard for me to do is to initiate a conversation about the gospel with people...I mean I can talk to someone about life for hours, but the gospel is something that is so near to my heart that it's hard for me when people reject it, so I've made goals to increase talking to people about the gospel, and I have already seen the impact not only change my life but those around me as well!! 
I know this is the fully restored gospel on the earth today! I know there is a living prophet named Thomas S. Monson who is the Lords mouthpiece to direct His church on the Earth today. I know the 12 apostles are righteous men that are all called of God to bear witness of Christs divinity and His sacrifice through the Atonement and resurrection. I know my Father in Heaven knows my name, and knows how I'm feeling at all times! I know He loves me and wants me to be happy! I know that even though I may go through trials, that He STILL loves me! I know that we are all brothers and sisters and God loves everyone...from that beggar on the street to the CEO of that major corporation and He wants EVERYONE to live with Him again. I know families can be eternal! I'm so grateful for my Heavenly Father for calling me and for qualifying me to be His servant in this day and age where people just don't seem to understand the love and blessing that come from our loving Heavenly father!! I know He's real. I love this gospel and I know with no doubts in my heart that I am here for a reason!! Time is running out for those around you who do not know the truth! Help them understand and see that God loves EVERYONE! 
I love you all and I'm grateful for all of your support! You're in my prayers! 
Sister Kayla Richardson

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy Week #2!!!!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry this is late being posted, but I have been out of town for a few days and didn't have access to a computer!!!

Here is Sister Richardson's very first e-mail from Moscow, Idaho!!!

I hope you all enjoy reading about her adventures as much as I do!!!

Hey Everyone!!!! 
That's about it....hahaha *sigh* but really the Lord's work is indescribable.
I am currently serving in the 1st and 2nd wards of the Moscow Idaho University Stake! I am in a singles ward as well as a young married ward! The members here are amazing and so so soooo strong! We are on the campus of University of Idaho and I couldn't have asked for a better place to start my mission! I love working with people my age because I can relate to them better! However, because school hasn't started yet, it's kind of dead.... haha we've tracted and contacted, but most of the buildings are empty and campus is pretty bare so I'm extremely excited for when school starts up again! 
Oh!! It's also a Full biking area! This was an answer to a prayer, because I had definitely put some weight on while at the MTC haha and believe you is anything but flat here....If i go a day biking round here and not get out of breath from riding up a very very VERY steep hill, than it was a day wasted! 
Ok, so I tell my companion this every day, but I live in a computer screen wallpaper! Moscow (pronounced Moss-co), Idaho is such a gorgeous place and not at all like Rexburg!! I LOVE IT!! There are 6 missionaries in my district! Sister Hardy, Me, Sister Workman, Sister Lin, Elder De Oliveria, and Elder Rawson! We all get along really really well! 
I'm so happy to be out here doing the lords work! I know this is His work because I feel Him with me EVERY step of the way...He is walking beside us constantly and it's an amazing reminder of how much He loves us and cares about ALL of His children!
Sorry this is so short, but I am short on time! The Church is true people!! 
Sister Richardson

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sister Richardson has ARRIVED!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

We received this great e-mail from Pres. Mullen!!!!  So I'm passing along the info!!!  Note her new address!!!  She is serving in Moscow, Idaho!!!!  Love, love, love the pictures!!!!

31 July 2013
Dear Brother and Sister Richardson,
I was pleased to welcome your daughter, Sister Richardson to the Washington Spokane Mission this week.  I’m happy to report that she arrived safely.  I had the privilege of meeting and associating with her the day of her arrival and note that it is evident that she comes with a great desire to serve Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Sister Richardson understands the role of the Holy Ghost in accomplishing the work here in the Washington Spokane Mission and has committed to live worthy of that power.

     After prayerful consideration, I have called Sister Hardy to serve as Sister Richardson’s companion in the Spokane North, Washington area.  It is our objective to call only the best missionaries to serve as trainers and I believe that your daughter is in excellent hands.  We expect that your missionary will serve in this area for the next 6 to 12 weeks as she begins her mission.

Sister Hardy

Sister Richardson

I have attached photographs of your missionary and assure you that Sister Mullen and I will love Sister Richardson. Our great desire is that her time here will further establish her on the path of righteousness, as well as bless the many people she will serve.

Attached are the new updated recommended guidelines we have for parents.  These guidelines are based on many years of accumulated missionary experience, especially those guidelines concerning personal contact with your missionary. Sister Richardson needs your good example.  I sincerely request that you consider them for the benefit of your daughter and her fellow missionaries.
The mission has a website where you can see what is happening in the mission.  Go to:
You can send mail to your daughter at:
Sister Kayla Richardson
1531 South Lenter Street #9
Moscow, Idaho 83843
Thank you so much for sharing Sister Richardson with us. 

Donald E. Mullen, President

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Is Disneyland really the Happiest place on Earth?!!

The MTC is SOOOOO good!!! People always say that Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth....They didn't know about the MTC! :) Everyone is always smiling and singing....and if we could dance I'm pretty sure that people would be doing that as well!!! I just love it here!! Part of me is sad that we have to leave Monday and the other half of me is done being confined in this compound! haha I'm the kind of person that needs to spread my wings and fly...however I'm learning how to do that in a different way...I'm flying spiritually!! AND I LOVE IT!!!!
Out of all the days, Sunday was probably my favorite!!! I've never cried so much in my life just because of spiritual things!!! In relief society they sing a different version of As Sisters In Zion and the words bring the spirit so quickly and with such force you literally can't breath!! It was amazing! The lesson during relief society was amazing! It was on faith! The sister that spoke said something that has stayed with me through all of the information that has been cramed into my head the last week and it was this, "You can pray all day and have enough faith to be healed, but do you have the faith not to be." A lot of times we are so focused on having enough faith that God will give us what we want, but we don't understand that we might not have the faith to not get what we want and recieve what we need, so that has been someting that has been a cool thing for me to keep in mind but after that we had sacrament and devotional after devotional!! We were able to watch a recording of Elder Bednars talk that he gave here at the MTC and it was on the characteristics of Christ!! It was amazing!! SO solid!!! Monday was probably the hardest day, because I prayed for patience. note to self: never pray for patience..... EVER!!! But the good thing about bad days is that there's always a day following it! So you start again! :) 
I wish I could tell you every detail of what I learned, but I just don't have time. The MTC has been such a wonderful place for me to learn and grow! I love being here and I feel like I'm a completely different person already, only a week later, than the woman who walked through those doors scared out of her mind! If it's one thing that I want to make sure everyone understands its that God has so much more in store for you than you have for yourself. A recent analogy ive heard described it as:
You've bought a cottage and it needs a little work, so you work and make plans for your little cottage to where you'll be happy with it, then when the construction starts, wall get torn down, wings are being added on, the roof is being lifted and you get scared and uncomfortable not knowing how your cottage will turn out. The fact is, when you are finished, you will no longer have a cottage, you will have a mansion. Through trial and stresses of everyday life we become uncomfortable not knowing if what we plan will work out, just know there is a greater architect at work, making you turn from a cottage into a mansion! 
The church is true!! I feel like Joseph Smith in that I cannot deny it, and I will die before I do! I love this work! I love seeing the miracles it brings to pass! Christ loves everyone and wants EVERYONE to return to Him, and the only way we can do that is through the atonement!! I love you guys!! next time you receive an email I will be in Washington!! 
I hope everyone has a great day!! 
Until next time,
Sister Kayla Richardson

Sunday, July 14, 2013

New Adventures

Hello World!!
I have been called to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I have been called to Labor in the Washington Spokane Mission!! This includes the eastern half of Washington State, a small section of Canada above Washington, the northern panhandle of Idaho, and the northwestern part of Montana!!
Considering I love Steak and potatoes, its probably a good thing that I'm going to the land of meat and potatoes!
I enter the MTC in Provo, Utah on July 17, 2013. After I spend two weeks there I will be sent to Washington for the remainder of my mission to do the Lord's work!! I can't wait to spread the fully restored gospel to my brothers and sisters. One thing is for sure, it'll be an amazing adventure!! Hope you will come along for the ride!
*This is when I first received my call! :D