Saturday, July 27, 2013

Is Disneyland really the Happiest place on Earth?!!

The MTC is SOOOOO good!!! People always say that Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth....They didn't know about the MTC! :) Everyone is always smiling and singing....and if we could dance I'm pretty sure that people would be doing that as well!!! I just love it here!! Part of me is sad that we have to leave Monday and the other half of me is done being confined in this compound! haha I'm the kind of person that needs to spread my wings and fly...however I'm learning how to do that in a different way...I'm flying spiritually!! AND I LOVE IT!!!!
Out of all the days, Sunday was probably my favorite!!! I've never cried so much in my life just because of spiritual things!!! In relief society they sing a different version of As Sisters In Zion and the words bring the spirit so quickly and with such force you literally can't breath!! It was amazing! The lesson during relief society was amazing! It was on faith! The sister that spoke said something that has stayed with me through all of the information that has been cramed into my head the last week and it was this, "You can pray all day and have enough faith to be healed, but do you have the faith not to be." A lot of times we are so focused on having enough faith that God will give us what we want, but we don't understand that we might not have the faith to not get what we want and recieve what we need, so that has been someting that has been a cool thing for me to keep in mind but after that we had sacrament and devotional after devotional!! We were able to watch a recording of Elder Bednars talk that he gave here at the MTC and it was on the characteristics of Christ!! It was amazing!! SO solid!!! Monday was probably the hardest day, because I prayed for patience. note to self: never pray for patience..... EVER!!! But the good thing about bad days is that there's always a day following it! So you start again! :) 
I wish I could tell you every detail of what I learned, but I just don't have time. The MTC has been such a wonderful place for me to learn and grow! I love being here and I feel like I'm a completely different person already, only a week later, than the woman who walked through those doors scared out of her mind! If it's one thing that I want to make sure everyone understands its that God has so much more in store for you than you have for yourself. A recent analogy ive heard described it as:
You've bought a cottage and it needs a little work, so you work and make plans for your little cottage to where you'll be happy with it, then when the construction starts, wall get torn down, wings are being added on, the roof is being lifted and you get scared and uncomfortable not knowing how your cottage will turn out. The fact is, when you are finished, you will no longer have a cottage, you will have a mansion. Through trial and stresses of everyday life we become uncomfortable not knowing if what we plan will work out, just know there is a greater architect at work, making you turn from a cottage into a mansion! 
The church is true!! I feel like Joseph Smith in that I cannot deny it, and I will die before I do! I love this work! I love seeing the miracles it brings to pass! Christ loves everyone and wants EVERYONE to return to Him, and the only way we can do that is through the atonement!! I love you guys!! next time you receive an email I will be in Washington!! 
I hope everyone has a great day!! 
Until next time,
Sister Kayla Richardson

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