Thursday, November 14, 2013

October 28, 2013 E-mail!!!

Ok ......  so things have been a little busy with Chelsi, and my new Granddaughter Bailey Ann, so I haven't made the time to post Kayla's recent letters .....  sorry!  I know that there are you who love her to and want to keep tabs on her, so ....  here are a few of the last updates!  

Love to all!!!

Happy Reading!!!  

Hey Everyone!!!!
It will be extremely short today. My companion and I along with our ward mission put on a ward missionary fireside last night! It was incredible! The spirit was so strong. Missionary work is so important! It is all of our responsibilities to help others know Christ and come closer to him! Eza 10:4 ... Just do it! :) I love you all!
Sister Richardson

I know!!!!!  Not a lot, but there is more to come!!!   Even her personal letter to us was a little bitty thing!!!  

So ........, stay tuned!!!!  

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