Monday, October 21, 2013

This weeks e-mail!!! October 21, 2013!

Here is this weeks letter!!!!   

Have a wonderful day!!!!  

Love to all!!!  

Hello Everyone!!!
I made it through transfer calls!!!! I am staying with my trainer in Moscow, ID! These next six weeks just happen to be the last six weeks that my trainer (Sister Hardy) is on her mission. So in mission terms 'I'm killing my mother!' haha She's a little nervous/anxious/excited about this next transfer! It's going to be EPIC! 
Not a whole lot happened this last week! But something that continues to touch me every day are the hymns of the church! I LOVE SINGING!!! I wasn't very good before the mission....but I think I've improved a little since being home! Music is a very powerful tool! The spirit is so strong when it's used in the right way; but used in the wrong way, music can just as easily drive the spirit away! We sing to people ALL THE TIME!! It's a good way for the people we contact or tract to feel the spirit. In fact later today we will be singing to one of our less active members! I love singing! Two of my favorite hymns to sing currently are Savior Redeemer of My Soul (pg 112) and Lead Kindly Light (pg 97)! They are WONDERFUL!!! 
It's definitely starting to get colder... and biking in cold weather is... well lets just say its not much of 'a breeze'. Sometimes the wind is so strong and cold that we are laughing because of the ridiculousness of the situation! *sigh*
Anyways... There are a lot of spiders in our apartment lately... we bought more spider traps today because there were at least 3 hobo spiders in each of the last 4 traps we've put out... its ok though.... well, that's what i keep telling myself every morning after exiting the bathroom in extreme haste due to a spider threatening my life! 
I will give Moscow this... The fall is very pretty here! I leaves and bushes turn beautiful colors! If it wasn't for the temperature it'd be pretty nice here! :) 
I love my mission. I've learned so much from being out here! I love being a representative of Jesus Christ sharing His gospel! I love the people here! I love serving EVERY ONE ALL DAY LONG!!! 
I'm so happy to be a missionary! I love you all! 
Keep the faith, and keep smiling!
Sister Richardson

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