Monday, July 14, 2014

Kayla's July 14, 2014 Letter!!! ")

Hey there Everyone!!! 

Here is Kayla's letter from today!!!  

Happy Reading!!!!  

Love to all!! 

Leslie  ")

Hey Guys!
Life is crazy; it's even crazier when you're a missionary! We have a baptism this weekend for Charlie, but we are now covering two areas and we are in a trio! This is my 4th trio since being on a mission! We have just had SO much fun since we've all been together. Sister Jensen and Sister Ridge are the names of my companions. And we are covering the Plummer area as well as the Coeur d'Alene 1st ward! CRAZY! All of us have very similar personalities so we get along really well.
Sister Ridge and I started having a pillow fight one night... well... remember the saying, "All's fun and games until someone looses an eye"? Ya... well no one lost their eye, but I did punch Sister Ridge in the eye and it swelled up pretty good! haha we both rolled around for a solid 30 min just laughing! GOOD TIMES! 
I've had so many good, serious, and sacred times on my mission. It's these times where I gain a knowledge for myself that God lives and so does His son Jesus Christ. I'm so grateful for that knowledge that I have and have been able to develop since I've been out.
God is good! 
I love you all! Stay Righteous and obedient; that's how we are protected.
Sister Richardson
 Ps. picture two is of me cleaning up the water in our bathroom after it flooded... :D hahaha 

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