Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ok, ok everyone!!!  Here is the updated blog!!   It has taken a while, sorry about that!  
Hopefully I can keep up this time!! 
I have a hard time getting to the regular computer!!!  
As you have all read, Kayla is now in Coeur d'Alene and her address that she put in the e-mail, didn't come complete with a zip code, so here is her updated address!! 
Sister Kayla Richardson
1904 #A 13th Street
Coeur d'Alene, ID
Thanks for all the support!!  
Love to all!!
Leslie  ")
Hey everyone!!
Hope life is as good for all ya'll as it is for us up here in good 'ol Coeur d'Alene! :) The weather is starting to get up into the 90's and I am LOVING it! it's a bit more humid here than Vegas, but the sunshine feels great on my face! All is right in the world! :) 
Colleen was baptized this Saturday and she was beaming from head to toe! :) It's remarkable to see the changes that happen to a person when they go from not living the gospel to living it and being able to receive the blessings that come from that dedication! Her youngest son, Charlie, is getting baptized on Saturday!  After him Michael, the oldest son, will be working his way into the gospel... If you could all pray for him that would be great! He's going through some tough times! His date for baptism is July 26! I am so lucky that the Lord let me teach this family! They truly are inspiring! They went from a family that was falling apart to a family that loves to be at home with each other and look after one another! They are, in a word, ADORABLE! :) I love them! 
So this was my first week with the Sister I'm training! Her name is Sister Jensen and she is HILARIOUS!! She is so great! We have such a good time! She actually really reminds me of one of my best friends, Jessie Beck! Shoutout: Jessie comes home from her mission today!!!! CONGRATS BABE! And the fact that Sister Jensen reminds me of Jessie leads me to believe that I'm not training her, she's training me! haha :D I love this work! I know that the Lord qualifies those whom he calls! This is his work and will go forward in his time! I'm so grateful to be out here serving with 3, soon to be 4, of my cousins all of whom are worthy Elders that hold the Priesthood! God is real, His love is real. 
Stay strong, Stay righteous! 
Much love,
Sister Richardson  
WOWZA!!! ok, so... this week has been CRAZY! From migraines to baptisms to transfer calls! What more could you want on a mission right? haha 
Well, I've been having migraines on and off for the last couple months, but never before had I had one that lasted for 3 days... Yes. It was awful. It would be super bad, then would get better as medication kicked in later on in the day... but it never completely went away. Meanwhile we were preparing for Shannon's, Christian's little sister, baptism on Saturday! She was so cute all dressed up and so ready to be baptized! She was so excited she could hardly sit still! She was only 9 so we had some of the primary kids in the ward give talks and then do a little song. It was ADORABLE! Shannon just loved it! then the next day we recieved transfer calls, and all of the Sisters in my district are leaving... except me... and I get a greenie! I will be training this transfer and I am scared out of my migrained little mind! haha It's going to be a blast! Only in these kinds of situations do you REALLY get to know the Lord on a one on one basis! I am so humbled and grateful to be able to get to know Him this next transfer!... but it wouldn't hurt if I was kept in your prayers as well! 
I love you all! Stay Righteous! 
Sister Richardson
This week was a whirlwind of emotions... it was our bike week and it rained the first 2-3 days of our bike week.... which means it was pretty chilly (especially when you're wet). Therefore, Sister Johnson and I got sick... unfortunate... I know... so we were down and out with a cold, (the allergies didn't help either) for a good day-day and a half. On the flip side, CHRISTIAN WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!! The baptism was INCREDIBLE! He went on Trek (where kids go out an re-inact what the pioneers did for a couple of days) and bore his testimony at the end and invited all of his Trek friends to come! There were over 80 people there! And the youth got up and sang a musical number and the Spirit was so strong! I was tearing up... which is actually rare for me since I've been on my mission! haha All those who know me from back home know me as a bawl baby, but that's changed since I've been out!
He's 14 and was the one in his family to start investigating the church first, which lead to their entire family being on-date preparing to be baptized! (5 people total) His little sister Shannon is getting baptized this weekend. She's 9 and a little spit-fire! we are teaching her a lesson about keeping the Sabbath Day holy with ice cream today... :D... It should be a blast... I'm super stoked! :) That's kind of it for the week... except for the fact that I am probably in the most beautiful part of the world here in Coeur d'Alene... we are having "Hoop Fest" and The Iron Man race this weekend... lots of talking to people, lots of work to do!
I love you all! Stay strong and Stay righteous!
Much love,
Sister Richardson 
Hey Everyone!
This week has been crazy! We are preparing a family of 5 for baptism! It's the Coleman family and the two oldest boys are going on Trek this week! They will be getting back Friday and the younger of the two will be getting baptized on Saturday! Then for the next 4 weeks the family will have a baptism! haha It's so great! I've fallen in love with this family (the family kind of love... don't worry ;) There's the mom and 3 older boys and the youngest is a girl! I love these kids! They understand and feel the Spirit so strong! They're great! 
We've also been given a new way to weekly plan... so missionaries (if you didn't already know) PLAN. They plan A LOT. We have daily plans, weekly plans, and these plans are accompanied with goals and visions.... and it's just all crazy up in here... well our weekly plans have gone from setting goals and deciding how we are going to achieve those goals to planning out every half hour of our ENTIRE week! We received this errand from Elder Aidukaitis when he was here about 3 weeks ago and we still aren't very good at doing it, but he promised us that we would have people being baptized weekly if we planned this way..... BRING IT ON! 
There really have been so many miracles that we've seen in the last couple weeks. The Lord is definitely blessing us for our efforts! For example: last night we were getting ready to go home and we received a text from a number we didn't know saying, "I know the Book of Mormon is another testament of Christ" WHAT?! Who was this person!? Turns out it was our neighbor, Adam, who lives across the street who isn't a member and we had invited him that morning (after a lot of other discussions) to read 2 Nephi 31-33... we told him there were some pretty bold statements in the last chapter and to pay attention to how he felt! That night is when we go the text! We've set up a time to meet with him later this week! Heavenly Father is softening hearts everywhere! 
I am so grateful for this gospel and the knowledge it brings to bring families closer together and to build relationships with those around us. Share what you know with someone around you. You'll be surprised how they will react!
I love you all!
Sister Richardson
Hey everyone!
I heard a quote recently that I've decided is going to become my life motto: "I want what I've got." I have felt to blessed and grateful since I've developed this mindset and it's something I wish I would've incorporated into my life before!
I am so grateful for the work I am doing. I've been working on the Christlike attribute of patience this month and I have definitely been able to see a difference in my behavior and how I approach situations. I know the Lord loves each of his children and I feel that influence when I speak with or teach them. I was able to go to the temple today, and I love the spirit that I feel when I'm there... how strong it is and how the Lord speaks to me.
Sister Johnson went on a couple exchanges with some sisters this last week and i was able to learn from the two sisters that i was with! I love the sisters I serve around! They are incredible! My heart is so full of gratitude to Heavenly Father for letting me serve a mission and letting me get to know so many of his beloved children. I'm so grateful for what I have and where I'm at. I love this work. I love the gospel. I'm not perfect, but I know that's what the Savior is there for (EVERYTHING). I love President and Sister Mullen so much! They have truly been like parents to me while I've been out here in the field! I'm so grateful that the Lord knew I would need the two of them to help guide and council me through my good days and bad days.
We were recently in a lesson with our family that is on-date for baptism. During that lesson I was able to see the changes that had occurred in each one of them! We asked them what differences they had seen both in themselves and in each other since they've been reading and praying. The answers they gave were awe-inspiring. They had open to their view the changes the Lord had made in their life. In that same family the 14 year old son was at church on sunday and asked me what day he was getting baptized again, I said, "June 28th...so in 20 days you'll be baptized." He looked at me and said, "I can't wait that long." WHAT!?! ok.... hahahaha we pushed his date up to June 21st! He is such a stellar kid and that's how his whole family is! They are so prepared! I'm so grateful that the Lord let me teach them! I love them so much! They are like little brothers and sisters to me!
Ok, I think this email is long enough, but I know this gospel is true! I love you all!
Sister Richardson
Hey Everyone! 
Life in Coeur d'Alane, Idaho is grand! It is so pretty here and the people are so laid back and relaxed! It's wonderful! The Lord softened the hearts of a family who are preparing to be baptized on June 21... if you could keep them in your prayers that would be great! The mom's name is Colleen and three of her kids: Christian, Charles, and Shannon, will be baptized as well! They are such a great family and it's incredible to see how the Lord works with not only individuals, but unites families through the gospel! :) I love seeing the changes that the Lord makes to peoples lives when they are willing to let Him in! That's all it takes. He is literally standing at the door and all we have to do is open up and let him in. Let his Atonement take hold in your life. Repent. Change! We can't live with our Heavenly Father again unless we are willing to change and become the person that He is trying to help us become!
I love this gospel! I love knowing that I can continue to progress to become like my Father in Heaven! He is my Father and my best friend! He knows me inside and out! Perfectly! Pray and ask if He's there! He will answer you! 
Stay Righteous! 
Much Love,
Sister Richardson
Hey everyone! 
I've been transferred to Coeur d'Alane Idaho! It is so incredibly beautiful here and the Work of Salvation is in full swing! The people here are so receptive to the gospel! They mostly believe in God and have a love for him.  
I was sick from Thursday through Saturday with migraines and then finally ending with a head cold that still isn't completely gone...but is on it's way out... but only from me taking a FULL day to sleep... it was awful... haha but I'm all better now except for a stuffy nose! So that has been the essence of my Coeur d'Alane experience so far! 
Sister Johnson is my new companion. I knew her from down in Moscow and I told her one day we would be companions.... and here we are! I love it when the Lord answers prayers! She is incredible! She's a sister training leader just like my last companion, so we get to go on a lot of exchanges again! I love it! 
Life is great and I know the Lord helps us get through our toughest days, especially the ones where we feel most alone! Never forget that you are never forgotten! 
Sorry it's short today!
Here's my new address:
1904 #A 13th st 
Coeur d'Alane, ID
 Much love,
Sister Richardson
Hey everyone! 
I know you just got a letter from me 5 days ago...but deal with it! ;) 
I am being transferred! I am leaving Spokane Valley and am going back into Idaho. Couer D'Alane to be specific. I'm super excited! People tell me that it's beautiful! There are so many people I know that I'm there to touch and help them draw nearer to my savior. Leaving is hard; Lili is getting baptized on Saturday, but I know that she will do great as she relies on the Savior! 
My birthday went well! Thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday! I was a great day! I was able to do a lot of missionary work! haha What more could I want!?! NOTHING!! 
For all those who want to listen to an awesome song it's called "My Story" by Kaity Whitcomb and here's the link to get to it.
Hope you all have an incredible week and stay righteous!
Sister Richardson 
      Hey Everyone!
I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's day... I know the missionaries around the world did! :D It's always a good day when you can sit and talk with your family, even if it is only for an hour and the Brazil missionaries don't have a time limit (no bitterness there)...but that's ok. 
This week has been a good week!! We have seen so many tender mercies! Sunday we had an investigator, Lili, who came to church and told us that she had decided that she wanted to be baptized! At that time we had only taught her 2 lessons!!! So that was SUPER exciting for us! Then during that sacrament meeting, I saw one of the boys in the ward that we've been working with sitting with the Priests that were blessing the sacrament! He has been one that I've been worried about, so it was a tender mercy to see that he is progressing and is taking the meetings with us seriously! And then I was able to talk with my family and that in itself is a tender mercy! 
Today I was able to go the the temple and to feel of the Spirit that is present there! I love the temple and what it stands for! i know I will be with my family for eternity! I'm so grateful for that knowledge! 
Saturday is my 24th birthday! WOW! How did that happen?? Where did the time go? I'm pretty sure I JUST turned 21...but time seems to fly by when you're older... at least that's what I'm told! :) haha I won't claim to be old until I'm dead. That's the stubborn side coming out in me haha 
Sunday, however, are transfer calls. The general rule of thumb is that if you love where you are, something will change... I LOVE where I'm at... I wish this would continue, but I'm not sure it will. I pray I stay in this area for another transfer, but if the Lord asks me to go elsewhere I will not hesitate to follow His commands! 
I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to be a missionary! It has been the hardest thing I've ever done, but the BEST thing I could've EVER done for myself and my future family! 
Love you all! Keep smiling and Stay righteous! 
Sister Richardson


Hey Everyone!
Life is wonderful out here in good ol' Spokane! This week I FINALLY heard someone with the Washington accent! haha it was hilarious! It's not super prominent here, but when you do find someone you have to hold back the laughter! She was talking about a washer and dryer...you know... for clothes... but instead of saying washer she would say "warsher" hahaha I know...my mission is so exotic with all of the languages we have to learn out here... haha but we make fun of that accent all the time as missionaries, and i've been out 9 1/2 months and I just recently heard someone with that accent haha oh geez, I love Spokane! :) 
Ok, well we were going to have a wedding and a baptism on the 24th of May, but that is no longer happening, some things happened between the bride to be and the groom to be so the wedding is now at a TBD status... AND they are moving out of our ward boundaries into a different ward, so we will see how that goes... 
Cory, a kid that I found and taught for a minute, got baptized on Saturday! The influence of the Spirit was so strong during his baptism! He's super smart and so humble! :) He's such a good kid! I can't wait to see what the future holds for him! :) 
Lately we have been doing a lot of work with the members in the congregation to help them develop their member missionary skills! Our main focus has been the talk by Elder Ballard entitled, "Follow Up". If you have not read this talk I highly recommend it! He gives the members of the church two invitations/commitments: 1. Invite someone to meet with the full-time missionaries once a quarter (so about 4 times a year) 2. Obtain a copy of Preach My Gospel and study it along with your daily personal study! I know that as you comply with these invitations you will begin to see your testimony of the restored gospel flourish! 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints IS the Lord's kingdom on the Earth. I know that to be a fact. If you don't know that for yourself yet, I encourage you to read the Book of Mormon, to ponder in your heart the messege it contains, then to ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ if this book is true. And I can promise you that if you do that with a sincere heart, with real intent, and with faith in Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost will manifest the truth of it to you in a way that will be undeniable. Put this promise to the test... not just once, but over and over again throughout your life! I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and the knowledge we gain from it that we can be with our families, not only til death do you part, but for ETERNITY. 
I hope you all have an excellent week! Stay Righteous!
Sister Richardson

   Mon 4/28/14 2:13 PM

Hey Everyone!
Time flies when you are having fun! Our mission president likes to say, "This isn't missionary work, this is missionary fun!" haha I love it! It is so true! Work sometimes has a negative connotation to it, but fun is doing work while you are enjoying yourself! :) Happy days! 
May is right around the corner! It's hard to believe that it is going by so fast! It feels like Sister Metcalf and I were just barely made companions.... A MONTH AGO?? She's so great! We laugh and have missionary fun all the time! May is a big month for us though! We have an investigator who is planning on getting baptized on May 24! But not only is he getting baptized, he is getting married that morning! We are helping them plan a wedding and a baptism on the SAME DAY! How cool is that! Families are forever! I know my family is eternal and that's the good news I'm sharing with those all around me! Eventually Patrick and Stephanie will be able to go to the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity, not just til death do they part! How great is that knowledge and I comes from knowing and following the gospel of Jesus Christ! 
I love this gospel! I love knowing that my family and I won't be separated when we die, I love having a foundation in my Savior Jesus Christ! (Helaman 5:12) 
One of my favorite scriptures in the Book of Mormon that has kept me going on my mission is Alma 60:28-29. The amount of authority the adversary has on us is completely dependent on how much authority we give him! I do not fear the adversary, he has no hold on me. I fear my God. He is my rock and my stay! I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for the love he shows me every single day!
I love you all! hope you are all having a blessed day/week! Keep your head up and stay righteous!
Sister Richardson 

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