Monday, August 19, 2013


Now here is the e-mail that we received today!!!

Sounds like she's loving the miracles!!!!

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Hey there everyone! 

I have seen so many miracles this week! One of them being on myself! ...Let me explain... I'm a rugby player.... I like to work out! So one morning I decided to start a workout program with our RS president in our singles ward. the program was the one that they had the stars of the new superman movie do (Thank you Brian)... Well this workout involved a lot of squats, plyometrics, and cardio..... ya.... I noticed that throughout the day it became a little more difficult to bike and walk....I knew I was in for a treat the next day. 
When I woke up....I had a difficult time getting out of bed. My legs were so tight I had to walk with them straight for a little while for fear of snapping my quads in two... so here I am waddling down the hall like a penguin to the bathroom...lets just say sitting on the toilet was not a pleasant experience that morning! I went out to "work out" and decided stretching was the better alternative. I rolled my legs out with my 5 lb hand weight and was almost crying in the process. I knew I was in for it today. We had a full day of biking and tracting ahead of us and I had no idea how I was going to do it. However, my pride kicked in and said...."Suck it up, You're a Richardson... You play rugby... You can do this!" So I did... We biked and tracted for 5 hours total that day... 4 of which were in the beginning of the day and with little to no success anywhere!! I tried not to complain, but my mind was far from the work as I was trying to concentrate on not crying in front of my companion or our mini-missionary that we had with us...
Eventually we made it back to our apartment for dinner... Begrudgingly I went and took a nap instead of eating... when I woke up, I felt so beat up I did the best I could to kneel and I prayed. I asked the Lord to take the pain away long enough for me to do His work and for my mood to be lifted. When people speak of miracles working within them....this is LITERALLY what i felt. My legs kind of tingled and although the pain hadn't completely subsided I knew He was numbing them to a degree where I could do His work and His will! After the pain was mood did become lighter....funny how that works hahaha anyways.. we did our last hour of tracting we had for the day and we had so much more success than we had the previous 4 hours! 
Many people believe that the Atonement is only used for sins....but I know without a doubt that it can be used for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! even the leg pain of a stubborn missionary! I thank my father in heaven for sending me on a mission everyday and I just want to do His will! He is my rock and stay! 
Keep the work moving along!
Sister Richardson

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