Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Soooooo .... Funny Story!!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

It sounds like this week was a good one!!!  Enjoy this one!  I laughed and laughed!!!

Hey Everyone!!
I went on my first exchange this last week and it was AMAZING!! I went to Pullman.... like 10 min down the road from Moscow... and worked with Sister Johnson there....who happened to be in one of my classes last semester at BYU!!! Weird RIGHT!?! Anyways we had an awesome time!!! We worked so well together... contacting was so easy because their school WSU was already in session so we got to do a lot of contacting while walking to the institute, and conversations were much smoother than stopping someone walking the other direction and explaining that we were missionaries...blah blah blah. We got to learn about different people and eventually they asked us what we were doing, then we were able to share the gospel! AWESOMENESSS!!!
And I thought the hills in Moscow were bad....I hadn't biked in Pullman yet.... they don't have hills....they have mountains! and it's not just mountains....these mountains have no flat parts on them WHAT SO EVER.... therefore, we were either biking up a mountain or biking down a mountain....I prefer the down part....but then once you get to the bottom....the uphill part starts and it really is just an endless, merciless cycle. SO.... I got quite the workout, but we were able to teach a lesson to a girl we contacted and had a good conversation about acting and being acted upon.... There's a really good part in a talk entitled " The Atonement and the Journey of Mortality" by Elder Bednar if you want to look that up.... however she was the later...and it was kind of frustrating, but we got her to pray to ask God if she needed to start reading the Book of Mormon again... so I guess we could consider that a success :) 
We were also able to teach this super cute girl while still on exchanges....she had sent Sister Johnson a text the previous night saying that she didn't want to take the discussions anymore. We asked if we could meet with her to talk about why that's how she felt. When she came we had a good lesson with the Spirit present and she still decided to drop us... I literally felt my heart break, because SHE KNEW! She did! You could see it in her eyes, but as she left I had a thought come into my head. Maybe she has to experience life without it again to realize what she is missing... as i voiced this thought to Sister Johnson and the member we had with us, the member, Hannah said, " I thought the SAME THING!" The church is true people! :) haha the spirit is felt everyday and it's amazing to experience it :)
Funny story: 
Anyone who knows me knows I HATE bugs.... especially bees and hornets.... well.....while cooking dinner the room started to get a bit smokey so Sister Hardy and Sister Richardson decided to open the two doors they have in their living room to get a cross breeze going so the fire alarm doesn't go off. It was so nice outside they decided to leave them open for a little while. While Sister Hardy excused herself to use the restroom, Sister Richardson was doing dishes. As she turned around to put some things away she was greeted by a hornet coming in her direction.... She whispered, "Sister Hardy" as the threat advanced on her, her whisper turned into a scream, "SISTER HARDY!!!!!!" As she ran away from this terrifying threat Sister Hardy came out of the bathroom to see Sister Richardson with a kitchen towel ready to defend herself against the terrible monster. As it landed on the screen of the window (which was also open) Sister Richardson was getting ready to pounce and kill this threat to her life then Sister Hardy in the most calm manner possible went over and shut the window, locking the hornet inside the window and said, "There, now we just wait for it to die!" Satisfied she started walking away. However, now seeing the hornet trapped and trying to get out, hopelessly facing its doom, she felt sorry for the creature and was determined to save it...... I know.... don't ask questions. With a bit of coaxing on Sister Richardson's side they opened the window to try and help this hornet who minutes ago was trying to take her life, when out of nowhere a second hornet appeared!!! Still determined to save these two hornets. Sister Richardson and Sister Hardy got two cups and with amazing skill managed to trap both of them against the screen. Sliding a piece of paper between the screen and cup they had successfully captured the two hornets. They looked at each other, "Now what" As they were trying to decide what to do the chances of escape from these two hornets was imminent! They couldn't be held forever! "How do we open the door!?!" As Sister Richardson maneuvered her elbow into the grasp of the door handle she was able to push down and open the door. As the two sisters set the cups with the hornets on the floor. They decided counting down would be the best option. They readied themselves... " 1....2.......3!" Knocking down both cups they dove into their apartment screaming and slamming the door behind them. They had SURVIVED! curious to see if they were successful in freeing their new friends they looked out the peephole. They didn't see anything. Sister Richardson bravely opened the door a crack. As the door got wider she stuck her head out and looked out in both directions.....The coast was clear. They had done it! 
moral of the story EVERY CREATURE IS GODS CREATURE! If it's not a threat don't kill it! ....except spiders...always kill spiders! :) 
Hope everyone is having a fantastic week! 
Spread the gospel!!! The world needs to hear it! 
Sister Kayla Richardson

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